Saturday, December 24, 2011


My recent adventures into the attic saw me hit the vintage jackpot. This blouse amongst many, many others were found thrown in a heap in the corner. I attempted to put this pile of clothing away but couldn't help but try everything on, and fell in love with all of it.

The sun is finally peeking out in Sydney, but I'm heading off to Melbourne in about 12hrs, how exciting! I went out shopping with my best friend the other day (the wonderful Becky who took this photo for me) and couldn't help but snap up all the crazy bargains, and it's not even Boxing Day yet! I knew I saved up all my money for a reason :) I bought a cute jumpsuit, a pair of loafers and two cute necklaces. You will be seeing these lovely items make an appearance while I'm in Melbourne.

Christmas is only a few hours away! I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas! I will be spending the night with my best friend Stephanie from A Certain Elpis before we head off to Melbournia.

Mojo Made's Ultimate Fashion Giveaway ends tonight. Get your hands on One Teaspoon, Tony Bianco, Stylestalker items (just to name a few).

Blouse: Vintage (my mother's closet)
Necklace: Lovisa
Skirt: Sportsgirl
Clutch: Vintage (La Petite Mademoiselle)

- margaret

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