Friday, December 9, 2011

flower child.

First and foremost I'd like to continue all of Sydney's complaints about the weather. It has been the coldest start to summer ever! So far the first of week of "summer" has seen me sport long sleeves and stockings on a daily basis, this is NOT how summer should be!!!

On another note, I love florals. They just don't seem to go out of fashion! (Alongside lace, another favourite of mine!) I got this skirt years ago while I was just meandering around the shops with my mother. It's one of the few items I was able to keep from my teenage years, everything else was...let's not go there, there's a very dark "emo"phase there...

I kept this look very basic as I had lots of running around to do yesterday so no crazy blouses that has pussy bows hanging in the way etc. I like pairing plain tops or bottoms with a statement piece (not that this skirt is too out statemented) just a little something interesting to keep the look fresh.

My family leaves for the United States today, so do expect a very dishevelled couple of weeks as I run the house and the company on their behalf :)

Don't forget to enter the two amazing competitions going on right now!!

Top: Cotton On
Skirt: purchased @ DFO - Homebush

- margaret

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