Saturday, December 3, 2011

emma watson.

Sorry for the lack of posts recently, I've just moved and somehow in the move my camera suffered a bump and wiped all of my images taken in the last few days. Promise more outfit posts will be coming once everything has settled down :)

I figured it is time for another inspiration post. Today it's on Emma Watson also known as Hermione from the fantastic Harry Potter series. I remember when Harry Potter first came out and Emma was this frizzy hair girl who fit the character Hermione to the tee.

But after 8 movies Emma Watson has shed the Hermione look and become a gorgeous fashion icon. Below is a series of photos found on Google Images of her. She is honestly gorgeous and amazing. She made her debut into the fashion and modelling world in Burberry's autumn/winter campaign in 2009. Since then she's just blossomed into an amazing all rounder.

Now I'm in the mood for a Harry Potter marathon. Anyone up for it?

- margaret


  1. She's grown up so much! It's amazing! ahhh I'm up for a marathon.


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