Monday, November 28, 2011

splash of red.

I got this dress as part of my wardrobe revamp when I first started university. I moved from wearing uniforms everyday to wearing whatever I chose, so a wardrobe revamp was a must. Yesterday I got to revamp and add to my wardrobe a little more by shopping with my mother dearest. I got a lovely red Review blouse which I will wear very soon.

Last night my parents took my family and I to the Quay Restaurant in Sydney. It it one of the Three Hat restaurants of 2011 and it was a great experience to be able to say I dined there. The renown White Nectarine Snow Egg dessert was truly amazing. Below is a picture of it :)

Hope you have a great Monday. I'm suffering Monday-itis already.

Dress: Tokito (available @ Myer)
Ring & Heels: La Petite Mademoiselle 

- margaret

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