Thursday, November 3, 2011

lpm little miss.

My store La Petite Mademoiselle is a modern boutique with a vintage feel. My outfit epitomises our motto mixing vintage pieces with modern to bring you the perfect la petite mademoiselle outfit.

I stumbled across this gorgeous vintage blouse and just can't part with it, not yet. I paired it with our 'Annie' fitted skirt. (It's named 'Annie' after the character Annie from one of my favourite tv shows Community. If you watch the shows, she frequently wears fitted skirts just like these.)

Ever since finishing uni I've been working hard at my parents so you will notice that all my outfits are very admin office-girl-esque. It's good going to work everyday, why? Because it means lots of inspiring outfit posts :)

Top & Skirt: La Petite Mademoiselle
Shoes: Diana Ferrari

- margaret

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