Tuesday, November 22, 2011

lace on top.

I don't know about you, but I LOVE lace. I love it so much it the it has been bolded and italicised. Lace is the best trend to ever appear, I'm not even exaggerating, I'm dead serious. The trend came around a few years ago and it is still going strong. You just can't go wrong with lace.

This scoop lace "top" is in fact a dress. If you like it I can order some more for the shop. This dress sold like hot cakes. It has a flared full-ish skirt. I love the scoop front and back of the dress. That plus the lace makes it perfect.

I love this skirt I got my mum to dredge out of her long lost 90s closet, and I'm grateful for her endeavors into the back of her closet (it's like the wardrobe to Narnia...)

The button ring I'm a-rocking in this outfit was made by me :) It also comes in a size smaller and in badge form :D YAY!

Don't forget, the first ever La Petite Mademoiselle competition is currently underway. It's to celebrate our first birthday coming up :)

Dress (worn as a top) & Rings: La Petite Mademoiselle
Skirt: Vintage

- margaret

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