Friday, November 11, 2011

china doll.

Hello and welcome to the 2nd last palindromic date for the next hundred or so years - how wondifourous!

Crochet is possible on of the best spring/summer trends (other than the everlasting lace trend). This Megan top is an absolutely must-have this season and best of all, they're available for purchase right now: in the comfort of  your own lounge! YAY!

I wore this outfit to Roger & Peach's shop grand opening last night. The shop is so darn adorable! I wish I took photos, but there was so many people put into the one small place I didn't get a chance. I will definitely take some photos when I next go there. It's so darn cute! I want to have a shop just like it, true story. It's located Shop 1/104 Alice Street, Newtown, NSW so why not drop by when you're in the area :)

My boyfriend and I were flicking through my baby photos recently and I was amazed at my mother's fantastic 90's style. So I bombarded her with questions as to where all her clothes had been stashed away and sadly almost all of it has been thrown away (boo!) but luckily she scrounged around and found this skirt hidden away somewhere which I quickly snapped up. I love the print on it, reminds me of gorgeous Amsterdamish/expensive China dishes and such. I wish she kept more to be honest, but having said that I don't seem to be keeping much for my future child (sorry in advance!)

So remember how a few days ago I went to Morgan Joanel's mojomade capsule launch by Azuki? Well, I am featured on Azuki's website for the press launch! How exciting! It's the first thing I've been put on so I'm super duper uber excited about it all, I just can't contain it! Look at the stunning Morgan, doesn't she just ooze fabulous-ness!

Don't forget Morgan is doing a Betts giveaway at the moment, enter before it's too late! (Click on the shoes to go to the info page on how to enter)

Me (Maggie) & Morgan from Mojo Made
Picture courtesy of Azuki

'Silhouette' in Orange by Betts Shoes
Giveaway going on by Mojo Made
Click here for information on how :)
Top & Necklace: La Petite Mademoiselle
Skirt: my mum's wardrobe :)

- margaret

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  1. your mom must have a wonderful wardrobe. love that top and necklace, so vintage looking. thanks for following me. following your right back =)


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