Wednesday, November 9, 2011

azuki, morgan joanel & mojomade.

So I'm guessing you're all wondering what this post is about if it's not an outfit post. (I foresee a very long blog post - well long for me anyway, but I have time :D). Oh gosh I don't know where to start!!

Ok, so yesterday I had the pleasure to have a peak at Morgan Joanel's collection released through Azuki (sister brand of Wish). And let's say this girl is an absolute pocket rocket full of talent! She's a musician, fashion designer, blogger all in one - and some would say, she's a triple threat :)

I don't have any photo of the little showing I went to (glad I didn't take my bulky camera after seeing the torrential humid rain that hit Sydney). But I got some piccies to show you all of what you might find if you happen to stumble into Myer (how amazing is Morgan! Her first collection and she's already selling in Myer!)

I got a lovely care package with a lovely piece from her Mojo Made collection which included this dream catcher tee. Her tees and singlets are perfect for the coming festival season, I'm definitely looking forward to rocking one of her pieces when I attend a festival (still haven't chosen one just yet..)

Did I mention you get a free download of her single 'Devil's In The Detail' with every purchase (and free shipping too!). Oh this is just too good to be true! Check out her video for her single here. Told you she's a triple threat :)
(haha my inability to work iTunes landed with me purchasing it twice, fail!)

Expect to see more of Morgan :)
I'm very excited to have the opportunity to work with her. Hopefully after I get through all the shock and excitement and calm my nerves down I can buckle down and pull out some good work for her :)

Betts and Morgan Joanel have teamed together to create a giveaway. All the information you need are here. After seeing these gorgeous heels, you'll want one too! (Totally got my hands on the last size 6 of these orange silhouette's online :) )

Picture courtesy of Morgan Joanel Facebook

Pieces all available at Azuki.

- margaret

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  1. Hey gorgeous - this looks awesome!! Thanks for the shout out - you rock!

    Hope you haven't died from information overload!! hehe

    Speak soon xx


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