Monday, March 21, 2011

the forecast today.

Yesterday I went to Birkenhead Point with mother-dearest. I haven't been to Birkenhead Point since we moved our boat (maybe 2-3years ago) so to go back there was definitely nice as it has changed dramatically. It never had many shops, and all the clothes weren't racked nicely, it just looked like a market-place in China; messy and unorganised, which I couldn't stand, being slightly OCD.

Yesterday, like today, was horrid weather. Raining, cold, just plain unpleasant, which deterred me from the idea of going to Birkenhead Point, a factory outlet that was open roofed. However, to my pleasant surprise, in the few years I haven't been there they have made it undercover, but somewhat outdoorsie and there were a tonne of new shops!!

I bought 2 things, one in preparation for the winter to come and one simply because I saw it and thought it was damn cute :)

This floral top is from Forcast. A nice floral, sheer, flowy top - looks nice tucked into a pair of jeans. This was on sale, like almost everything at Birkenhead Point.

This coat is from Alannah Hill. I don't have a black dress coat for winter so I thought I'd pick up one. This was also on sale, but I don't know by how much. I'm pretty sure it was almost half price.
I'm very pleased with my purchases this weekend, but the weather is definitely a bit of a drab. All well :)

And finally, because I love taking photographs I'll throw in a bonus for all you out there. I've been meaning to take a photo of this for years. I feared looking like a tourist in my own country, but it was about time I took a picture of it. It's the staircase in QVB on the third floor. I love the richness of the red. I might get this tattooed somewhere....

- margaret

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